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Choosing the right 4x4 or Light Truck tyre.

The main difference between a tyre built with a Passenger construction and a tyre with Light Truck construction is the strength of the carcass.

Passenger construction tyres are being used more and more by vehicle manufacturers for road use as they offer a slightly higher level of ride comfort, with rounded shoulders that mean they are less likely to be upset by road irregularities. The downside of this is they can be more easily damaged if used off-road.

A Light Truck construction tyre has a much stronger carcass with more sidewall rubber, which means you get a tyre that can carry heavier loads better, is more resistant to damage (especially with its straighter sidewalls) and will last longer as it will generally have deeper tread than its passenger constructed counterpart.

Cooper Tyres are Made to Last

Cooper Tires have two warranties for their tyres:-
  1. Unique Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty - Australia-wide warranty against manufacturing faults, for the life of the tread or for 72 months. Adjusted on a pro-rata basis.
  2. Capital City Mileage Warranty. For 33 years in the USA and 18 years in Australia, Cooper Tires were the first tyre company to provide 4WDrivers with a mileage warranty, 50 to 90,000 kms, depending on size and pattern. Although regional cities don't provide this unique warranty, Cooper Tires will usually outlast most competitor brands, even when used in those difficult conditions beyond normal use when rapid wear can occur in any brand of tyre.
Kumho is Korea’s biggest tyre manufacturer, supplying tyres to the global market. Its product development has seen it involved in several forms of motorsport. In Australia this has included the Formula 3 open wheel category.

The range available includes the high performance Ecsta line with directional and asymmetric patterns, as well as a full range of 4WD tyres to cover all applications and terrain. Kumho supply tyre to Hyundai and Kia as original equipment.

KUMHO offers a tire line to fit virtually every driver and vehicle requirement. When purchasing KUMHO tires, you should consider the following:

All-Season vs. Performance vs. Touring


Provide good all-around traction for wet, snowy and icy road conditions deliver superb tread wear & tire noise characteristics


Enhance a vehicle's handling capabilities on wet and dry roads usually exhibit increased tire noise and lack long tread wear life
feature larger tread elements to provide a stiff tread area for handling performance


Bridge the gap between All-Season & Performance tyres combine the technology for All-Season tread wear characteristics with Performance handling & grip exhibit very little tire noise and excellent ride comfort
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